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Preseason Week 1

10 Storylines for Preseason Week 1

Ok laugh all you want, but the television ratings of the first preseason game between the Cowboys and Bengals tripled the ratings for the Red Sox vs. the Yankees earlier this week. So it is obvious, people want to see their football, preseason or not. So here are 10 intriguing storylines for week 1.

  1. McNabb debuts in his new colors and we get to see who might carry the ball in Buffalo.
  2. Kevin Kolb takes control of his new offense as they take on MJD and the Jaguars.
  3. Brandon Marshall sports teal and Ronnie Brown leads the Wildcat vs. Tampa Bay.
  4. Ben enjoying his preseason

    Life without Big Ben begins in Pittsburgh as they take on the Lions.

  5. Who is the starting RB in Houston, find out as they take on Leinart and the Cards.
  6. What is life like without Favre? The Vikings find out against Bradford and the Rams.
  7. The debut of Cutler in his new Mike Martz offense as they take on potential rookie of the year Ryan Matthews and the Chargers.
  8. Are those thorns on your head or just a bad haircut?

    Jesus, is that Tim Tebow out there, yep. VH1 stars T.O. and Ocho take on the savior and the Broncos.

  9. Is there a fantasy player on the Browns, we shall see as they take on the Packers.
  10. Check out the new Meadowlands as the Jets take on the Giants.

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