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Team Preview: The Hadenaiders

Team Preview

When you finish second to last the previous season you know that you can only go up. Except for that last place finish, which is always possible if you draft like Team Owner Josh Little did in his first season in the KFFL. This week I had a chance to speak with Little and discuss his upcoming 2010 season.

KFFL: Last season you finished 5-8 and struggled to get out of the gates when you started 0-3. What are your thoughts looking back on last year?

JL: Can you wait a second, I don’t have my login information to see my team. From what I can remember since I can’t see my team, is that I drafted like crap. I drafted a bunch of guys that didn’t perform and then had to scour the waiver wires and grab role players. It was a tough season.

KFFL: What changes did you make this offseason to ensure a better season next year?

Rnady Moss

JL: Well I made the trade with Logan to get Randy Moss. He gives me a guy to build my team around. I would still like to improve my keepers, so I have to make sure I draft better in the early rounds.  

KFFL: Who are you looking to keep this year?

JL:  At this point Moss is my only certain guy that I am keeping. I think I have arguably the worst keepers in the league so it is going to be an uphill battle. Other then Moss, I am looking at Matt  Schaub and either Knowshon Moreno or LeSean McCoy.

KFFL: What is your draft philosphy? What might you target early?

JL: I am going to look for the best player on the board. Since my team is awful I don’t have the luxury of drafting for positions. I have to draft the best players that are out there and hope to replace some of my current keepers.

KFFL: Are there any possible sleepers you might have your eye on?

JL: Good question.  I haven’t even thought about it to much (might be why he finishes near the bottom). I like some of the late draft QB’s like Matthew Stafford or Chad Henne. I think Henne will have a good year throwing the ball to Brandon Marshall and Ted Ginn.

KFFL: Umm….. Ted Ginn is in San Francisco now.

Josh Little's man crush, Jake Long

JL:   Oh that’s right. Well either way, I think Henne will have a good year. By the way, is it possible to draft Jake Long?

KFFL: What are your thoughts on the new rivalry week, when you play Logan for the one and only matchup of the year?

JL:  I am looking to beat his ass. His team was garbage as well last year. I am calling it right now, I will be up 50 points on him this year and that is before the Monday night game. Write it down.

KFFL: Which other teams are you looking out for in your this season?

JL: I have to beat Brodie. I feel like less of a man if I don’t beat Brodie. Other then that, I am looking to pretty much smack everyone around since everyone made fun of me and my team last year (rightfully so).

KFFL: What type of preparation do you do leading up to the season?

JL: Well as you can tell, I haven’t done any preparation. I will just cram at the last minute.


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