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Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Week 3 is complete, only 10 weeks remain in the KFFL regular season. Some teams are starting to pull away (Larson as usual) and other teams are still in preseason mode (Steve, the season already started). Although being 3 weeks into the season I have to be honest; I learned more in Week 3 of the NFL, than I did in 4 years at Ferris State University. Here is a list of what I learned.

Dog recovered from Vick's property

  • I now know that if Michael Vick would have focused on football and not electrocuting dogs, than the Atlanta Falcons may have won a championship or two. Vick basically made Kolb his bitch (using that in the dog sense) by having a 4 TD day.
  • To many injuries. Steven Jackson, Knowshon Moreno, Ryan Matthews, Jason Witten, Pierre Garcon, Jahvid Best are just a sample of the names of players who have suffered injuries in the early part of the season. Just think, if we had two less preseason games, then you could have got 5 weeks of production from these players. Just saying.
  •  Speaking of making someone their bitch (not using this in terms of a dog) Ryan Fitzpatrick comes out of nowhere… Buffalo and gets former starter Trent Edwards released. Is it just me, or did Buffalo miss the memo and just now found out that Trent Edwards was garbage.
  • Anyone ever heard the song “Lonesome Kicker”. Yes Garrett Hartley I am looking at you. That was a chip shot, don’t you make those in your sleep. The best part, Drew Brees after the game “You can’t just look at that one play, there were mistakes that led up to that point…..” uh, yes I can. That one play could have won you the game regardless of the prior mistakes.

Moving along to what I learned in our actual fantasy league. Here are some “What were you thinking moments.”

Who is this clown?

  • Keiland Williams. Household name right? For those of you who don’t know he is some backup RB for the Redskins, but John Barley started him. Yes started him. Well I guess his 1 point helped your cause.
  • In my best Dennis Green voice “The Hadienaiders are who we thought they were”. Josh’s team comes back down to earth and returns with a loss.
  • The Sherminators was one Peyton Hillis away from being 3-0. The worst 3-0 team in fantasy history.
  • Really Keiland Williams…. I remember my first fantasy team. (I tried to find a picture of him in a Redskins uniform, um…no dice)

One response

  1. Josh

    I just want to you let you know, that three of those 5 injuries up there, i had ties too…the curse is still alive. people keep rejecting my trades and now they have injured players on their team. so get used to me on top, your girls are….ooohhhhhhh!!!

    September 28, 2010 at 3:59 pm

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