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Team Preview: Deep Buttons

Team Preview
Deep Buttons

We continue to get closer and closer to the start of the NFL season. Today the NFL features its first preseason game. As NFL teams continue to make adjustments to their rosters, team owner, Logan Johnson continues to make moves of his own.

KFFL: Once again let me say congratulations on the new addition to your family.

LJ: Thanks, it certainly is a special moment. I look forward to getting her involved in fantasy football in 4 or 5 years from now.

KFFL: What were your thoughts on how your team performed in 2009?

LJ: Well I certainly thought I was going to do much better then finish outside of the playoffs. The last couple weeks of the season were interesting, I was right there on the bubble. Hopefully this year, I can be on the other side of that bubble.

KFFL: What are your thoughts on the activity in the league?

LJ: This offseason as been an absolute whirlwind. I am not a huge fun of the off-season movement. I have been a firm believer that once the season is over, you can’t make any more trades. On the flip side of that though, I have learned to deal with it and now I just have to play accordingly.

KFFL: For someone who doesn’t like the offseason trades, you did alright for yourself this summer.

LJ: Yeah I was able to work out a good deal with Matt Larson, I mean who doesn’t do deals with Larson. He tries to work deals with people who aren’t even in our league. Now going into the season I know I have some good keepers.

KKFL: Any idea on who you might be keeping this year?

2009 Fantasy Football breakout star Ray Rice

LJ: Well I normally wouldn’t want to tell anyone who I am keeping, but I figure if my draft doesn’t go well, then I can always make deals with Josh Little. His team has pretty much been my farm team, so I have the ability to have a larger pool of players to choose from.  In all seriousness though, I am probably looking at Peyton, Ray Rice, and either Colston or Marion Barber.

KFFL: What are you looking to go after in the early rounds of the 2010 draft?

LJ: Well because I swindled Josh to get not only my first round pick back, but to get HIS 2nd overall pick, now I will have the luxury of getting some good talent. I think it depends on which direction I go with my keepers, but at least I know I am going to get some very good talent.

KFFL: Are there any possible sleepers that you’re looking to take this year?

Stafford with the best line he has seen

LJ: I am a big fan of the crappy Lions, but it is hard not to think about the potential of Matthew Stafford. He has some very good targets and I just don’t know if his offensive line can hold up.

KFFL: Which teams are you looking out for in 2010?

LJ: There are several teams that I want to beat. I am looking to beat Steel Curtain; he took that last playoff spot from me last year. I don’t worry much about Josh, I am not sure he has figured out how to play Fantasy Football yet. Then of course, I want to beat Larson. He puts so much effort into fantasy football, I just want to see him have a rough year.

KFFL: What sort of preparation do you do to prepare yourself for the upcoming 2010 draft?

LJ: I have a handful of websites that I check each day. Other than that, I take a lot of my advice from my wife.


10 Things I Learned Last Night

10 Things I Learned From the 1st Preseason Game

Last night the NFL featured its first preseason game of the year. Of course as many of us know, it is difficult to pick anything up from a preseason match from a fantasy stand point. So what could you possibly learn about two teams that only had their starts play several snaps? Here are 10 things you may have missed.

  1. The Cowboys offense looked like they were clicking on their first drive.
  2. Tony Romo looked in midseason form as he stalled the first drive with some erratic tosses.
  3. T.O.

    Carson Palmer targeted T.O. – 4 times, OchoCinco – 0 times. Yet Ocho is drafted 4 rounds higher.

  4. Cedric Benson looked like he can continue his previous season’s success.
  5. The Cowboys don’t have a dominant lead running back.  Each RB struggled to do anything productive.
  6. Cowboys 3rd string TE John Phillips looks like he could start for many NFL teams.
  7. Former drug addict Matt Jones actually looked decent for the Bengals, not sure he can make the roster though.
  8. Cowboys kicker David Buehler had the best day out of anyone.
  9. Yes, I really just talked about a kicker.
  10. Yes the NFL is back…….. but damn the preseason is boring.

Team Preview: Steel Curtain

Team Preview
Steel Curtain

As NFL training camps start to get underway, the divorce proceedings for new KFFL majority team owner Dave Neitzer are final. I had a chance to speak with the Steel Curtain owner about the upcoming season.

Former Steel Curtain partial owner Erin

KFFL: First and foremost, let me say congratulations on your recent breakup from Marge Schott… err I mean Erin.

DN: Thanks, I appreciate that. I went through a pretty tough stretch for a while, but I am feeling much better now. It was a pretty nasty battle to get 51% ownership of the Steel Curtain franchise. I put her in check and got my team back.

KFFL: Now that you have sole ownership of Steel Curtain, what were your thoughts on your 2009 season?

DN: I think it was a season that can be described in one word: underachievement. I had some quality guys on my team, but they just didn’t produce. I was fortunate enough to have everyone stay healthy, but they couldn’t score me any points.

KFFL: What are your thoughts on the activity in the league?

DN: I think the activity is crazy. I can’t believe how many people have made moves already. I am not sure Matt Larson has slept at all since the new site was released. And Barley, he comes into the league and starts wheeling and dealing within 20 minutes. Didn’t he trade away his entire team and his Land Rover for Aaron Rodgers?  I kind of hope Rodgers snaps his leg.

KFFL: You have just made the one move of sending Brandon Marshall to Breaston My Face, any other trades on the horizon?

DN: I think I am pretty set at this point. I put more faith in drafting confidently. I figure Larson can’t draft worth a lick, so I will just pick up all of the good talent that he passes over.

KKFL: Who are you thinking about keeping?


Lion standout Calvin Johnson

DN: I have it narrowed down to 4 different guys. Now I just need to figure out which one of the following guys I am keeping; Rashard Mendenhall, Michael Turner, Calvin Johnson or Anquan Boldin. Just not sure which direction I want to go.

KFFL: What are you looking to go after in the early rounds of the 2010 draft?

DN: I think I am going to look to go with a QB early. I am looking to find that franchise QB. I need to find a replacement for Ben Rapelessburger.  After the QB,I think I will look to go WR.   

KFFL: Are there any possible sleepers that you’re looking to take this year?

DN: There are a couple of guys that could go late that I think could produce some good points. I think Dez Bryant is going to have a great season; he is in line to put up a bunch of points. The other one would be Javhid Best, I think he is going to be the starter by week 3.

KFFL: Which teams are you looking out for in 2010?

DN: I have my eye on a couple of teams. I like the addition of rivalry week. I am looking to take the gay Spartan out at the knee caps. I am not afraid of Josh Little at all, he can’t win at fantasy football because he can’t cheat. Anyone who has ever played golf with him, knows about his cheating habits. Honestly, though I am gunning for the Steve, the defending chump…. champ.  

KFFL: What sort of preparation do you do to prepare yourself for the upcoming 2010 draft?

DN: I don’t start any of my preparation this early. I am looking forward to the draft and doing much better than last year.

Team Preview: Breaston My Face

Team Preview
Breaston my Face

This week KFFL examines a team that finished in the middle of the pack last year, Breaston My Face, owned and operated by Kyle Karns, who also doubles as the KFFL commissioner. With a very one sided interview, here is a team preview for Breaston My Face.

KFFL: What are your thoughts on how your team performed in 2009?

KK: Well going into the season I certainly thought I was going to have a better year. I thought I had a good core of guys, and if everyone produced I was going to be a tough team to beat. Come to find out, a chimpanzee could have picked a better team than I did last year.

KFFL: You always seem to come up with creative team names, will you be keeping this name or finding a new one?

KK: Well it is a keeper league, so I thought about keeping the same name. But the name didn’t really do much for me last year, so I might have to keep some and change some. Maybe come up with something like Breaston Plants. I am sure I will come up with something.

KFFL: What are your thoughts on the activity in the league?

KK: The activity in the league is great. It is exactly what I had in mind when I created the league a year ago. I wanted something that would be entertaining to do during the football season and the offseason.

KFFL: You have been busy this offseason dealing several of your players and acquiring new keeper Brandon Marshall, anything else planned?

KK: I think I am pretty set at this point. Several of the guys had the luxury of having extra keeper caliber players.  I am still looking for a RB. I have Steven Jackson, but if I could find another RB to go with him, I would be happy

KKFL: Speaking of Jackson, who are your possible keepers?


2009 breakout star Jamaal Charles


: Well when you look at my roster I think it would be clear on the guys that I am most likely keeping. I know for sure that I am keeping Jackson, and Marshall. I am leaning towards Reggie Wayne as my 3rd keeper, but you might be shocked to hear I am also giving Jamaal Charles some thought. Charles came alive at the end of the year last season, and I don’t want to let him go and he becomes the next best thing.

KFFL: What are you looking to go after in the early rounds of the 2010 draft?

KK: Well that is an interesting question. I do have 2 picks within the first 11 selections, so I know I should be able to get some decent talent. But without having a selection in round 6, I have to make those first 2 picks count. I would imagine I would take the best player on the board, no matter what position it is.  

KFFL: Last year you found the late season gem Jamaal Charles, is there someone like that you’re looking for in the draft?

Slaton with one of his many fumblesKK: I have realized that the mid-rounds is where a lot of value sits. I drafted Steve “Sir Fumbles” Slaton in the first round, and Ronnie Brown in the second round last year and now they are both off of my team. With that being said I think that shows how important it is to find that gem later on in the draft.

KFFL: Which teams are you looking out for in 2010?

KK: I like the new addition of rivalry week. I think that certainly adds something to the league. When you only get a chance to play that team once a season, you have to make it count, so I am looking forward to taking on John Barley that week. He has already started to put together a good team. I also want to beat the H&!! out of Matt Larson and his squad. He eats, sleeps and shits fantasy football, so to beat him would be nice.

KFFL: What sort of preparation do you do to prepare yourself for the upcoming 2010 draft?

KK: Well last year I bought a magazine that told me to draft Steve Slaton as high as possible. I think I was high for listening to them, so I might pass on the magazine this year. Not sure how much preparation I will get in since the birth of my first child may get in the way of the draft.

Team Preview: Kibbles n Vick

Team Preview
Kibbles n Vick

Vice President and animal freak Jamie Delemeester

As the draft approaches the Karns Kruiser continues to visit different team camps, ok not really, but the phone interviews continue with each team owner. This week KFFL had a chance to speak with team owner Brodie Delemeester. With a team name inspired by team vice president, and animal rights activist Jamie Delemeester, here is your 2010 fantasy preview. 

KFFL: What are your thoughts on how your team performed in 2009? 

BD: Of course just like everyone else, I set out to win the league, and of course I was disappointed not to win, but I thought I was competitive from start to finish. I felt like I had some good players at each skill position. 

KFFL: What are your thoughts on the activity in the league? 

BD: There has been activity in the league? I thought the league started in August.  I have been enjoying my offseason. I have been up north each weekend not even thinking about fantasy football. 

KFFL: So are you not looking to make any moves in the remainder of the offseason? 

BD: Well I just logged onto the website, I might try to take a look to see if there is anyone still interested in making some trades. It looks like it might be difficult to pull off any deals since everyone has already made deals this summer. 

KKFL: Who are you looking at for possible keepers? 


Possible keeper Frank Gore

BD: At this point I have several guys that I would be looking at keeping. I am keeping Brees for sure, and then after that it is kind of toss-up. I have Frank Gore, Sidney Rice, and now that the flex position also includes the TE position it might be worth keeping Jason Witten. So I am not really sure at this point.

KFFL: What are you looking to go after in the early rounds of the 2010 draft? 

BD: I am going to be looking for the best player available. WR’s are a dime a dozen, so I am not going to draft by need, but more for the best talent. 

KFFL: Last year you hit the jackpot by drafting Cedric Benson late in the draft. Anyone out there this year that you might look to draft late?

Goat and Sheep Farmer, Tom Brady

BD: Well each day when I get home I find my wife drooling over a picture of Tom Brady and his shaggy  hair. I have told her numerous times that he will be unavailable, however she has insisted that I offer our first-born child in a trade for Brady. On a more serious note, I think Matt Stafford could be a good back up QB for my team, so I might look at him later in the draft. 

KFFL: Which teams are you looking out for in 2010? 

BD: Well I certainly would like to beat the guys on the softball team. Beating Josh should be fairly easy, he drafts worse than he hits in softball, so that’s a scary thought. I just want to make another run in the playoffs again. 

KFFL: What sort of preparation do you do to prepare yourself for the upcoming 2010 draft? 

BD: Last year I bought a magazine before the draft, I feel like I did alright with that so I might try that again. I am afraid though that I have gotten a late start on making trades and trying to make my team better.